Friday, February 12, 2010

Too Good To Be True

There he was, standing in the middle of a very crowded room. He was 6’4” tall, dark and handsome. Even if he wasn’t holding up a notepad with money symbols on it, you couldn’t help but notice him; he was far too good looking.

I stood up straight, fixed my dress, put on my best smile and walked over to him.

“That’s a great way to get people’s attention,” I said to him as I walked over to introduce myself. After telling him my name and shaking his hand, he went straight for the kill.

“What is your business?” A little thrown back by the immediate interrogation, I replied “Print and media branding for …” I didn’t even get to finish my statement before he sneered at me, “You don’t need my service,” turned and walked away.

I was in complete shock, just standing there in the middle of the crowded room feeling rejected and irritated. I couldn’t believe someone so attractive could be so ugly. How does he know I don’t need his service, since I didn’t even get to hear what it was? It was one of the rudest moments I have ever been involved in.

I should have known that trying to talk to someone holding a money sign was not going to end well. After all, he was only there to sell, not network. He clearly didn’t care about anyone in that room who didn’t have big money or appeared to be young in age. I observed him in passing through the night, realizing the only people who were worthy of his time were in suits with gray hair.

From that moment, I learned two things: people are not always what they seem, and never talk to anyone holding a money sign. You can’t trust those who are sprinting; you have to find those who are willing to go for miles. Don’t be fooled by fancy signs and pretty exteriors; look for those who can make you laugh and give it to you straight. Most importantly, don't be that guy; be the one who makes people laugh and gives it to them straight.


  1. Desiree,
    I've seen that guy. I could have told you not to waste your time or valuable emotional well being. Keep looking for those who make you laugh and want to find out "Who You Are."

  2. I've definitely met "that guy" many times over!

    Way to expose these blowhards...

  3. Whoa! What a loser! Wonder if he believes in karma? ;-)

  4. Although I agree with David, sometimes it is fun to "play with your food". A "pattern interrupt" might have been fun ... e.g. Did you do those signs yourself or have a pre-schooler do them for you?" - or - "What business would you like be to be in?". Again, it is probably not worth your time, yet it is sometimes satisfying to confuse.

  5. Oh my goodness! I haven't laughed that hard in a while. That was good Lyle!

    That is what I get for going after the pretty ones I guess. This happened to me at the last Networking Phoenix event in November. I have a good story to share about a group of young men that had me rolling, that will come soon.

    Thanks for reading!