Monday, February 1, 2010

Do you have enough Flair?

It’s called the little black dress for a reason. It is the one thing that every woman keeps tucked away in her closet, just waiting for the right moment to pull it out and stun. It always fits just right, showing off what needs to be shown and drawing all the right, and bad, attention it can. The little black dress (LBD) is the essence of power, beauty, and attraction and is always paired with the perfect pair of high heel pumps.

The LBD draws attention, which is exactly what you want in business. You want to lure people in, catching them with your charm, wit and amazing services. I have bad news for you, you won’t lure anyone in wearing dull colors and hiding in a dim corner. The key to business is to make yourself known, and that starts with yourself. You should dress for the part you want. If you want to be successful, professional and chic, then your outside needs to be successful, professional and sleek, with a slash of color.

Make sure your clothes fit right and are flattering; just because you can put it on doesn’t mean you have to wear it. You are always safe with a pair of straight leg slacks, a fitted, comfortable top and a piece of flair. (Yes flair, like in Office Space, but you don’t need 15 pieces.) Wear something that will draw people in; a bright shirt, a loud, unique necklace, a bold patterned dress or shirt, a crazy printed tie, or bright colored shoes. You want to attract people to you, draw attention, not hide from people by blending in.

Be careful with your peacocking; people are hesitant to talk to people wearing odd things, like capes, masks, out of date clothing or people who are dressed down in t-shirts and jeans. You want attention, but not negative attention.

Wearing a bold print, a bright shoe or loud piece of jewelry when networking and talking with others allows people to come up to you and comment on what you are wearing, giving the perfect opportunity to network and collect a business card. You can bet that their notes about you on your card will include a comment about your piece of flair.

Like the LBD, your outfit should radiate confidence, giving you the inner assurance to shine for you and your business.

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