Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Devil Wears Flats

Fendi. Dolce & Gabana. Prada. Betsy Johnson. Chanel. Xhileration. Vintage. Consignment. It doesn’t matter what the label is or where it came from, all you know is that you are in love. The smell, the texture, the perfect fit and the even better feel; nothing compares to having a perfect pair of shoes or the most perfect of bags.

Every woman understands this magical connection that gives warm fuzzies in our hearts and big smiles on our faces. That is until our lovers scorn our love: squeezing our toes, swelling our feet, giving knee aches, heavy arms and general clumsiness. How can something so beautiful, so perfect, so full of magic be so harsh, cold and miserable?

This is something we never want to experience, but this is exceptionally undesirable when networking. I can’t tell you how many time I have seen women supporting themselves on tables and walls, casually slipping off one heel and gradually shrinking onto one foot, constant hand switching back and forth with a increasingly heavy bag, and the never-ending search to get to the bottom of a deep purse for a business card.

There are 5 things to consider when getting dressed for a networking event:

1.Wear pants with pockets.
2.Leave your purse in the car.
3.Wear cute, but comfortable heels.
4.Put away your cleavage.
5.Make sure it fits.

Wearing pants with pockets allows for you to eliminate the need for a purse. If it can’t fit in your pockets, chances are you don’t need it. (See next blog for what items you need when networking.) Networking events are generally open spaces with all the chairs and tables cleared away, providing lots of standing space. Wear comfy shoes so you don’t find yourself toppling over on your heels or walking back to your car barefoot because you can’t take it any more.

It is important to also remember that networking is a lot like a job interview: you wouldn’t wear a halter top, spaghetti strap top or tube top to a job interview, so why would you to a networking event? It is business, so dress business casual and make sure it is clean and stain free. It is also important that it fits, as well. Tight cloths never look good, but you don’t want to be showing off the unflattering part of yourself. The same can be said about over-sized clothes; no one wants to see you pulling up your pants all night or wonder what you are hiding under all the fabric. Remember, you are there to show off the best side of yourself; make the outside just as great as you are inside.

Looking presentable, pretty and attractive is incredible ideal, but feeling miserable and in pain reflects more. Be smart, be savvy, be chic, be comfortable.

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